The Arab American News: ICA raises funds, honors men for exemplary community leadership

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Islamic Center of America raises funds, honors men for exemplary community leadership

DEARBORN — Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad and Joe Nahhas, the man who went to police immediately after overhearing a discussion on a planned explosion at the Islamic Center of America (ICA) in Dearborn, were both honored at the ICA’s spring fundraising dinner May 15.

Roger Stockham of California is accused of attempting to ignite explosions at the ICA, and was arrested at the mosque’s parking lot where police found explosive devices in his car. Nahhas is credited for leading police to Stockham before a potential incident occurred.

ICA Executive Administrater Kassem Allie said Haddad was honored for going beyond the call of duty to keep the community safe during  extremist Florida Pastor Terry Jones’  attempted protest at the mosque in April.

Allie says Nahhas acted as a good Samaritan and placed himself at personal risk by going to police.

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