The Arab American News: Local mosques apply for federal security grant; misunderstood

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Local mosques among several non-profits to apply for federal security grant
By Natasha Dado

DEARBORN — Although non-profits across the United States take advantage of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Non-profit Security Grant Program (NSGP) every year, the Islamic Center of America’s interest in it has been misunderstood, officials say.

FEMA is an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Through its NSGP, non-profits can receive up to $75,000 to improve security systems.

“There’s dozens of organizations including religious organizations that receive this money and it’s unfortunate that the moment we want to take advantage of this money it’s misrepresented as being some type of nefarious cooperation with the government to spy on our congregation which is completely false…” ICA Executive Administrator Kassem Allie said.

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