Islamic Association of Greater Detroit PP

65 North Auburn Road
Rochester Hill, MI 48307
Phone: 248-852-5657

Date Center Founded 1978
Membership/Community Size 300 families
Ethnic Composition Arabs, Indians, South Africans, Pakistanis, Indonesians, as well as white and black Americans

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Background: Founded in 1978 by immigrants from India and Pakistan , the Islamic Association of greater Detroit opened its facility in Rochester Hills in 1982.
Description: The IAGD has recently undergone significant expansion and now houses a wide array of community programs and activities. Their large mosque is open for daily prayers. They manage a Montessori school and daycare. They have large banquet and gym facilities that are both rented out to the community at large. They have an active dawa (mission) committee that undertakes a wide array of charitable programs. Their summer youth camp is celebrating its 24 th year this summer. It has long received the backing and support of the United Way of Michigan . While their recent expansion was significant, adding classrooms, the gym, an industrial kitchen, and much more, the IAGD is also preparing to add several “Islamic” features to their existing building including a mezzanine for women inside their mosque, a minaret, and a large dome. The IAGD publishes an active and informative newsletter and has a very dynamic and accessible website at

Mission : The IAGD seeks to provide religious, educational and social services to Muslims living in the Greater Detroit area and to convey the message of Islam to the community in this region. IAGD’s goal is to perpetuate a vibrant, caring, and sharing community of practicing Muslims, who would project the true message of Islam to the society at large.