Beitul Islam Jamie Masjid

7826 Klein
Detroit, MI

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Background: Baitul-Islam opened in 1995 and has catered to a largely Bangladeshi and African Americans congregation. The building itself was originally an auto repair garage, and is now undergoing major construction, headed by the mosque’s caretaker, Syed Miah.


Description: The mosque is in the center of the building with classrooms, meeting spaces, and wudhdhuh around them. Their building is decorated both inside and outside with elaborate murals produced by Bernard Belefont, a member of the congregation and a community artist who works largely on neighborhood beautification projects. The mosque also holds a summer school for young Muslims as well as a variety of community events. It is located less than two blocks from Masjid Mu’ath Bin Jabal, and one can easily hear the call to prayer from the neighboring mosque.