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Futures Panel 2


ECUMENICALISM: Muslims are creating new ties to Christian and Jewish communities.

IMMIGRATION: Muslims continue to arrive from overseas; this flow is the impetus for most new mosque construction.

GATHERING IN ENCLAVES: old Muslim enclaves in Dearborn are growing, and new ones are taking shape in Hamtramck and Detroit.

DISPERSING INTO THE SUBURBS: Muslims are establishing their presence in middle and upper middle class communities.

CONVERSION: local mosques are filled with converts, who are often the most active members.

POLITICAL ENGAGEMENT: Muslims are fielding candidates for public office and organizing to present their interests to policymakers and government officials.

TOTAL ISLAMIC LIFESTYLE: Muslims are creating their own media networks, commercial districts, social service agencies, healthcare facilities, banks, daycare centers, schools, funeral homes, and graveyards.


Detroit’s mosques are always changing. Congregations that are now majority immigrant or convert will, over time, include more people who were born in the US and grew up Muslim. In the past, immigrants and American-born Muslims have struggled to share the same mosques. Sometimes they do not agree about what a mosque should be, how Islam should be practiced, and in what language(s) it should be taught. These disagreements are constantly producing new mosques.

As long as the US pursues imperial policies in the Middle East, conducting wars in and against Muslim countries, Islam will be portrayed in American media as a dangerous, alien faith. Muslims will be asked to “prove” they are American, and this demand will affect the way mosques are designed and managed and how Muslims interact with a larger, non-Muslim society.

Futures Panel 2

Futures Panel 2

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