Islamic Institute of Knowledge

6345 Schaefer Rd.
Dearborn, MI 48126
Phone: 313-584-2570
Date Center Founded: 1983
Ethnic Composition: primarily of Lebanese decent


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History: The Islamic Institute of Knowledge was founded under the leadership of Imam Abd al-Latif Berry in 1983. The Institute’s first house of worship was located on Warren Ave. in Dearborn. In 1998 the Institute, with a largely Lebanese congregation, opened its new facility on Schaefer Rd. a few blocks away. In 2001, they also opened the American Islamic Academy, a K-12 school next door to the mosque.

Description: The Islamic Institute concentrates much of its programming on education and youth. The Institute’s school was the first Muslim academy to open in Dearborn and much of the Institute’s fund raising has concentrated on building and developing the school. But the Institute also invested money in their new facility, which includes a large Husseiniyya, or social hall, that also doubles as a prayer space on holidays. The Institute’s mosque, which is relatively small given their overall size, is open for daily prayer. The facility also includes an extensive library, classrooms, and an industrial kitchen.
Mission: to serve the spiritual, informational, communication, cultural, educational, and social needs of the Islamic community in Detroit Metro Area. We are dedicated to teach Islam and its pure rules, Inshaa Allah. We are dedicated to the goal of encouraging Muslim youth to use their God given talents in pursuit of scientific and technological breakthroughs to become the future architects of the new local and global community. IIOK is also dedicated to promoting understanding of Islam and Muslim people by providing accurate and balanced information.