Muhammad's Mosque No.1

14880 Wyoming St.
Detroit, MI 48238
Phone: 313-931-4873
Minister Daoud 313-931-4873.

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Background: As the name implies, Muhammad's Mosque No. 1 is a contemporary descendant of the Nation of Islam's first mosque, the Temple of Islam, established in Detroit in 1930. When the Honorable Elijah Mohammed moved his ministry to Chicago in 1934, Detroit remained a vital part of the movement.

Description: Muhammad’s Mosque No. 1 is currently affiliated with the ministry of Minister Louis Farrakhan. It is located in a renovated business establishment and includes a year-round school. Mr. Muhammad’s, a diner adjacent to the mosque, caters to the neighborhood’s Muslim community. The diner serves adapted southern food, all of it halal. It also sells at least a dozen different Farrakhan tee-shirts, books, tapes, and decorative items with an Islamic twist.