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Muslim Voices: Q&A with Andrew Shryock on Islamophobia/Islamophilia

A lot has been written about islamophobia — the fear of Muslims and Islam. Less about islamophilia — the admiration, and sometimes idealization, of Islam and Muslim life. These two concepts — islamophobia and islamophilia — help create a discourse that locks Muslims into either being “good” or “bad.” There’s no room to simply be [...]

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Read The Spirit

David Crumm – Read The Spirit

Sally Howell and the BIID Exhibit was featured by David Crumm on the Read The Spirit blog: HERE’S AN EXCELLENT EXAMPLE of the kind of program you’ll find unfolding in many places across the U.S. these days. It’s called “Building Islam in Detroit,” a traveling exhibition of colorful photographs and short, educational texts explaining how [...]

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A peep into rich history of Islam in Detroit – Daily Times

The BIID Exhibit was featured by Saadia Khalid for the Daily Times: ISLAMABAD: Depicting the history of Muslims’ arrival in Detroit and their settlement there, an exhibition of photographs titled ‘Building Islam in Detroit’ started at the National Art Gallery (NAG) here on Friday. Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) organised the exhibition in [...]

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